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  • 10605 Crenshaw Blvd.
  • Suite 14
  • Los Angeles, CA 90303
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  • Office hours: Monday–Friday 9:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
    Saturday 9 a.m.–12 noon
  • Phone:
  • 323.555.8977
  • E-mail contact: lupe@LDominoDDS.com
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  • Probably your neighborhood’s best general dentist

  • Lorenzo Domino, D.D.S.

  • Preventive & cosmetic family dentistry: Exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, whitenings, crowns and bridges

  • Most caring and
    lightest touch

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Doctor Lorenzo P. Domino, D.D.S., is a 1988 graduate of USC School of Dentistry, one of the best in the country. His emphasis is on your comfort as well as providing the best possible quality of care. His approach to your treatment starts with patiently listening to you. Then after a complete and thorough examination, he reviews and discusses the diagnosis and treatment options with you. Dr. Domino is committed to providing you with an exceptional level of care and attention.

Inge Lupe Jernandez, our RN since 1996, ensures Dr. Domino and our staff welcome you and care for your account with understanding, diligence, and creativity.

“Committed to helping you keep your mouth healthy.”
We happily provide the best possible cosmetic and general dentistry in an individual way. Please stop by to say hello and get acquainted.






Our principal staff, pictured left to right, Lois Kaplan, Sisha Washington, Dr. Domino and Lupe Jernandez.

  • Lorenzo Domino, D.D.S.
    10001 Crenshaw Blvd., Ste 14
    Los Angeles CA 90303
  • Phone 323.555.0000

    At the northeast corner of Crenshaw and Century
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  • What our patients say about us:
  • Lorenzo has been my favorite basic dentist since 2001 and I count on many more years with him. Highly recommended.” — Jose W.
  • I like being on the first-name basis, ‘Lorenzo,’ not ‘Doctor.’ ” — L. K.
  • Lorenzo is a serious and experienced dentist with warmth and a sense of humor. I like to joke around and Lorenzo always laughs at my jokes. These are of course the kinds of jokes every one of his clients makes. But he is kind enough to laugh the millionth time. Great guy.” — Nordel N.
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  • I love all of Dr. Domino's high-tech equipment—like viewing my x-rays on his computer monitor. I think he is a skilled dentist. He and Lupe, Lois and Sisha make dental work OK and I go home smiling — no pain.” — May J.
  • Lorenzo's personality and smile are wonderful. His touch is expert and gentle incl. gentle novocain shots. Always the most modern equipment, too, for which he has a passion.” — Imesol L.
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